An Open Letter to that Mother at the Park with those Perfect Daughters


Dear Not-Tired-Looking Mom,

In the five minutes it has taken you to locate your sliced fruit and kale chips, your five-year-old has nestled up beside you with a book while your one-year-old has begun fiddling contentedly with her own toes. In these same five minutes, my son, age one and a half, has run directly toward oncoming traffic, wrestled a rake from its perch, tipped over a scooter, upset a hornet, fallen off a step, shed blood, stomped his way through the deepest part of a muddy puddle and lapped up the foul-smelling water like a dog.

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1 out of 4 stars, "Freedom, anyone?"   

By Tammi

I once read about other countries, like Africa, where moms do not use safety gates, even if they live near alligators. This way your babies can learn what is dangerous by themselves. I think we need to trust our children more. 

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